Seeking Partners, Not Sellouts

Partnership is core to Elevate’s model in every way. Partnership celebrates the idea that we each bring different things to the table. You built your practice on years of hard work, relationships with patients, staff, and the community, and so much more. It’s your identity, brand, and culture that keeps the patients coming back year after year. We have the resources and experience to provide business support and guidance where needed. Together, we make each other stronger. And because partnership also means ownership, you reap the rewards of your growth.

Partners have ownership.

  • As your practice grows, so does your equity and paycheck.

Partners have authority.

  • You built your practice, don't let someone else control it.
  • It's your brand, your staff, and your practice.
  • You decide what you want your practice to be. Elevate makes it happen.

Partners have help where they need it.

  • Let us know where you want us and where you don't.
  • We're here for you 365/24/7.

Partners are in it together.

  • We're all in the same boat. We only succeed when you do.

Partnership Process

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