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You’ve made it this far without any help so you’re doing something right. We offer a full range of dental support services for every situation. You decide what you want, and what you don’t. We’ll be there to help you implement the solutions that make the most sense for your practice


Human Resources & Recruiting

People make a practice. You deserve the best. We provide an attractive benefits package to help you find them. We’ll also pre-screen resumes for you when you need to fill a position.

  • Healthcare
  • Paid Time Off
  • 401k with a company match

Supply & Equipment Procurement

Stop clipping coupons and finally get the lowest prices on supplies and equipment. We pitted major distributors and manufactures against each other to get you the best deal. Want to use something bespoke to provide better dentistry? Not a problem – just let us know and we’ll get it for you!

Practice Analytics

Routine dental checks are important and so are routine practice checks. Our operations experts have decades of experience working with hundreds of practices and know that no two are alike, but they all need to step back to see the bigger picture every once in a while. We provide insights and suggestions specific to your practice and goals so you can decide what you want to do.


It’s your practice and your brand, but we’ll help you get the message out there. We know marketing strategies are as varied as your patients. Have one that works? Keep it! Want to see what’s working at other practices? Talk to one of our Marketing pros, get the information you need, and see real results that will move your practice forward.

Accounting & Payroll

Accounting books are denser than textbooks. Why not just get the cliff notes? We take care of paying the bills and your team, then organize all your expenses into clean reports for you and us to analyze and discuss. Want more information? That’s where our highly skilled and knowledgeable accountants shine.

Billing & Collections

You produce, we deliver. We make sure that you get paid for all the hard work you do. Our insurance experts keep pesky insurance companies in check so you never have to pick up a phone, listen to hold music, or go on a wild goose chase for answers.

Insurance & Credentialing

Good dentistry is hard work and well-worth every penny insurance should compensate you for it. We ensure that you have the best fee schedule available and show you how different payors compare to each other so you can decide which ones you want to work with.

Legal and Compliance

The rules are always changing and it’s hard to keep up. We track and explain the latest laws and regulations to ensure you’re always in compliance.

Training & Education

As dentistry evolves, we provide you and your team with training on the latest technologies and procedures. Have someone new at the front desk? We’ll handle getting them up to speed on everything they need to know to serve your customers the way you envision. Want to know what systems are working at other practices? We can train on that too.


Your dentistry is state-of-the-art and your technology should be too. We’ve done extensive research on what clinical and information technologies are best whether its mills, lasers, software, or telecom.

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